Professor Kamal Jaffrey

Chief Executive Officer, Delta Search Labs Inc.

Professor Jaffrey is a graduate and postgraduate of Arizona State University, holds an MBA from Western International University, a Professional Training from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Registrations with the National Society of Professional Engineers.

He has conducted significant research in both scientific and management fields. This includes Engineering Design and Concurrent Engineering Management, Bioengineering, Computer Aided Geometric Design and Simulation, High Performance Numerical Computing and Visualization, Energy Systems, Idea Development and Creativity Management and Management Science.

This research has resulted in a vast amount of industrial and commercial applications in industries as diverse as Aerospace, Heavy Engineering and Manufacturing, Environmental Engineering, Petrochemical, Agricultural, Cement, ISP and Facilities Development.

Specific designs and developments include creation of CAD systems and conducting complex CAD projects, prototyping, and process support equipment design and development. Professor Jaffrey has also provided associated personal support in research, product development, strategic planning, resource and implementation planning, inspection and technical training and support services. Facilitating all these activities, Professor Jaffrey has also produced significant software and IT developments.

Concurrent with his industrial and commercial activities, Professor Jaffrey has held a number of important academic posts, written many respected publications and conducted numerous scientific and management seminars.