Professor Farooq Ahmed

Professor Farooq Ahmed is an aerodynamicist who has collaborated worldwide with distinguished professionals in Aerodynamics, Heat Transfer, Environmental Architecture and Applied Mathematics fields.

He holds a Doctorate in Applied Aerodynamics from the University of Sheffield and a Masters Degrees in Fluid and Structural Mechanics, and D.I.C. Diploma from Imperial College, London. These complement a B.Sc Applied Mathematics with Physics, a B.Ed. and a first class M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics and Fluid Mechanics from the University of Punjab.

Professor Ahmed's aerodynamic research activities have involved studies on Concorde and he is a Member of the Turbulence Group at Imperial College, London founded by Professor Peter Bradshaw. His approaches to turbulence and shear flow analysis include honeycomb and flow visualisation techniques. At present he is actively involved in researching in Experimental Aerodynamics related to complex turbulence flows and application of rapid distortion theory of turbulence.

Professor Ahmed's wind tunnel research has also included quantitative analysis of smoke and pollutant dispersion and in industry he has developed computer models to predict air flow and heat distribution in factories. Commercial consulting in this area included work with British Gas.

Professor Ahmed's research and teaching has involved tenures in Nigeria and in the UK at the Universities of Bath, Sheffield, Sussex and the University of Wales Science and Technology. He spent over 10 years at the University of Bahrain.

Professor Ahmed is author or co-author of numerous publications in prestigious journals in the fields of Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics and he has participated in and organised international conferences on Turbulent Shear Flow and Applied and Pure Mathematics.